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"IMPLANTODENT DR SAŠA DABIĆ" is a dental clinic where we perform all types of oral-surgical interventions, along with dental implant placement. Because of this, we have been recognized as a brand for a long time, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but surrounding countries likewise.
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Implantodent is not just a team of people. Implantodent is also you, our patients. Each patient is a person in their own right and as such has the right to an individual approach to treatment. This approach is necessary to have a satisfied patient in the end, for whom we solved the problem.

We understand that the visit to the dentist’s office is not a pleasant experience. That is why we have tried to make our modern space as safe, attractive, and enjoyable as possible. With modern technology and clinical expertise, you can expect a pleasant atmosphere, with a hospitable and cheerful  team. Certainly relaxing and refreshing, you will agree.

We believe that you can generally tell when someone loves their job. That devotion, desire, and commitment cannot go unrecognized. It is an occupation that you live for, and that is why we are very proud of our team of doctors.

Dr. Dabić’s wishes have always been to participate in improving the work of the entire dental community and beyond. These wishes led him to the fact that today he is the president of the Chamber of Dentists and a member of the Health Council in the Ministry of Health. In this way, he can act in the best interest of all of us.

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My experience at Health Institution Implantodent is highly commendable. Doctors and assistants did the job very professionally. They fulfilled my wish to have a beautiful smile again. All the best, and again, thank you very much!


My husband and I suffered from tooth and gum pain for three years. We went to various dentists, but it wasn't a success. Since we came to you, the pain disappeared, and the teeth and smile have shone. Thank you for giving us a beautiful smile. Praise to your kind team.


First of all, Implantodent is one big family! From the time my family and I entered the office until today, their smile and kindness followed us. There are no words to describe my gratitude for the beautiful smile I now have.


Our smiles say it all: kindness, accessibility, sincerity, and expertise in one place. My family and I say Implantodent.

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